The Red Road screen caps

Here’s a couple of edited screen caps from The Red Road…you can see all of the screen caps at our facebook page where they’re loaded for each episode






We’re still here!

This page will not be closing…I’ve decided to keep it going and remove the site as it just wasn’t working.


so..stay tuned…this page will be updated but if you want up to the moment posts/pics/vids and links and info…then go to our facebook page….


because that is updated all day everday with old and new and artwork.


Jason Momoa Fandomfest

I was very lucky to be on the receiving end of some beautiful photo’s of Jason when he attended Fandomfest in Louiseville, KY.

Kilika, a friend and member of moreMomoa took some i’ll share a few here but make sure you check out our Facebook page Jason moreMomoa

Jason Momoa at the Fandomfest Con July 2013

Jason Momoa at the Fandomfest Con July 2013

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