Game of Thrones

Jason Momoa was amazing as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones….that role must have been was written for him.  As soon as I heard that Jason was going to play Drogo…I started reading the book, and imagined him playing the character straight away.

Khal Drogo

While there were a lot of people who were disappointed that he didn’t have the exact look that was described in the book, they did a pretty good job.  His costume was amazing…i personally didn’t like the beard…but that’s just me.  I know everyone was hoping for the bells in the hair and beard too.

Daenerys was played marvelously by Emilia Clarke. I know lots of people who felt she and Jason made these characters their own.  There are a lot of ‘shippers’ on forums for these two…I myself being one of them.

While the first episode caused some considerable controversy and people called it the ‘rape’ scene, it really annoyed me.  If you read the book you would know how the original scene was supposed to be portrayed, however, Emilia felt it would be too difficult to enact, and so it was HER idea to come up with the scenario we saw in the episode.

A lot of women were waiting to see Jason Momoa naked!    At my other site  it was talked about almost every day! We were NOT disappointed! WOW… I’ve decided not to show the pictures on here as I fear my page may be removed! But they are on tumblr moreMomoa (link at top of blog) so feel free to investigate.

It was a shame there wasn’t a little more action for Drogo… one of Jason’s comments was that he …” Lay naked in furs alot”.  (I didn’t complain!)

The small fight scene they did make, he did not disappoint, he even added the ripping the throat out cause he thought it would be cool….and he was right!

But alas, our poor Drogo had to go and get infected from the wound he obtained…

and….. after the witch meddled and double crossed Daenerys….

…and with a little help…he went.

so sad…



  1. estheri2012 · October 3, 2012

    I don`t want him to die in games of thrones ,his caracter was super i never saw a man play his role so well.

    • Mirishka · October 27, 2012

      You’re right, he did a great’s such a shame he had to go.

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