So I had better put something here…why I wanted to make this page perhaps?

It’s because I adore Jason Momoa!

I have a few sites by the name of moreMomoa, the most popular being on Facebook…it is a closed group…but it has to be…because…it gets a bit naughty on there…and some people can be a bit tetchy about women letting their feelings and pent up sexual frustration out!  So if you want to join, send a request.

We’ve recently made a new page on facebook. It’s called “Jason moreMomoa”  

We started this new page because we have so many beautiful pics of Jason…it would be a crime not to share.

Also have a site on tumblr and my own website…all by the name of moreMomoa.

I retired to Bulgaria from England a few years ago, I was 42 when i retired, got tired of working for the man and spending all my free time worrying about bills etc…so my husband came up with the plan to sell up and move to Bulgaria.  And I am very very happy here!

I love making artwork and also write fanfiction…anything to do with a Jason Momoa character I usually make into a fanfiction…but they are not rated pg! they are all NC-17 or MA+  – so be warned when you check them out.

I love to paint using photoshop… you can view my paintings on either DeviantART and Flickr


something I made earlier


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