Interview With An Author: Julie Nicholls

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Melissa Holden, Author

About Julie:

Julie Nicholls was born in Hull, East Yorkshire, England. Her love of writing didn’t fully develop until she moved to Bulgaria after retiring from work at the age of 42. Living in a small village in the South of Bulgaria with her husband and two dogs, Julie enjoys country-life and the freedom retirement brings.

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She’s the owner of “Literally Sensual” on WordPress, along with other writing friends, but is more known for writing Fanfiction and receives regular reviews.
The release of her first novel, Demon Within, encouraged her to continue writing a sequel. And now Demon Within is the first in a series called “Fallen Angels”. The second book in the collection, “Angel Within”, will be released late March 2015.

What got you into writing?

I discovered Fanfiction via a popular forum, and after reading a few stories, I was hooked. Shortly after reading quite a few, I…

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