Khal Drogo has lunch with friends

Fantastic!! It’s been a long time coming! Remember I told you my friend had made the highest bid on the Charity Buzz “Hiking in Topanga Canyon with Jason Momoa”in 2011? Well due to Jason’s busy schedule and some major surgery for my friend, they were unable to make the hike.  So they opted for a lunch at Venice Beach, California instead. Barbara was able to take our friend, Karen, and Jason attended with Brian Andrew Mendoza.

Our ladies are still extremely excited, and their brains are still processing the fabulous time they had…but we’ll have a report coming up later.

For now, here’s a few photo’s, courtesy of Karen – love you babe♥

181483_523764461017727_2143884754_n karen and jasonYou can see more photo’s on our Facebook page… Jason moreMomoa        

There will be more photo’s uploaded there, so don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ the page so you don’t miss out on them as theyre uploaded…and… Karen and Barbara’s report.



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