Bullet to the head fanfiction… MA+ Sexually explicit

Myself and Cheyenne66 have teamed up to bring you our first Bullet to the head fanfiction starring the character “Keegan”…Jason Momoa

bullet to the head Keegan final finish

As usual…it’s for mature adults only…so don’t bother clicking the link if you are easily offended.

Bullet to the head

Here’s a sneaky peak….

Running a hand up her back and under her hair, Keegan rested at her neck; holding her in place as he lowered his head. The feral look in his eyes as he zoomed in to kiss her caused the stomach muscles in her lower belly to spasm; sending a tingle straight between her legs. Why did this man’s kiss make her surrender to him so easily? Because a kiss from Keegan wasn’t an ordinary kiss-it was an experience. His full lips felt like velvet when they caressed hers. He’d brush them over her mouth, slowly, teasing her making her want more as he pulled away when she parted her lips wider. All the time his wild eyes would watch hers, and when the signs of need and desire, begging need appeared in her blue eyes, he would smile. He controlled the scene, his tempo, always. It was the way he played and Jade loved it. For the time they shared she never had to make a decision about anything, he would do it for her. Her job as an advertising manager meant she always had to make decisions, sometimes hard ones which would backlash and then she’d get hauled over the coals which she didn’t like. Time with Keegan was less stressful. It was also satisfying. After a night of frenzied fucking there would be no tension left in her neck or shoulders, no headache from worrying about the office and sleep would come easily. He was the best remedy for insomnia a woman could want, after a few hours of being fucked from one side of the apartment to the other… she needed to rest; falling asleep wouldn’t be a problem afterwards.


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