Bullet to the head…good reviews.

Here’s a snippet from an interview in Rome about Bullet to the head…

“Sylvester Stallone in combat with an enemy in Bullet to the Head The final scene of the fight with axes very reminiscent of the battles of the western genre, was his invention or was already in the graphic novel?
Walter Hill: The trick when you shoot a film is to create a world that resembles a western invented but plausible in his madness. I think the element of fiction should not remove the viewer from the realism of the story but the danger is to become credible in every facet. What enact Sylvester and Jason is a macabre dance that easily accept in a Western but are more difficult to digest in a film like this. I think I succeeded with Alessandro to make credible the final battle that ultimately turns out to not be as absurd as they are made of the protagonists.
Sylvester Stallone: I can say that from my point of view it was not funny at all (laughs) was Walter’s idea that the axes but the joke about the Vikings is mine! I had never fought against Conan, now I’ve done this too (laughs). Jason Momoa moves like a panther two meters high and in that scene enacts a violent dance spectacular, there are not many players around who are able to do so.



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