Skarsmoa coined by alexander-sexgard, is the best friend shipping of Jason Momoa and Alexander Skarsgard. Here is a master list on why they need to be friends:

1. They are both giants. Over 6 feet tall. How Alex did not see Jason at Comic Con San Diego with his massive body and top hat is beyond me.

2. Emilia Clarke. One can only hope that a friendship between the 2 will ignite a passionate relationship between Clarke and Skarsgard. Jason is friends with Emilia. Emilia chatted up Alex. The foundation is already laid out. Time to execute. P.S Emilia I know you were busy flirting with the Skars but would it have killed you to introduce him to Jason?

3. Their personalities mix well. Jason’s hipster, IDGAF, we be chillin, bro, attitude would totally work well for Alex’s chill Swedish attitude. Plus Jason would fit right in with the Swedish mafia (yes, even Keith) because..

4. THEY BOTH LOVE TO DRINK. Alex’s love for Heineken will go great with Jason’s love affair with Guinness. Alex drinks like a Viking. Jason drinks like a barbarian. 

5. Both were in HBO shows.

6. Jason can be in Alex’s new Viking movie

7. They are 2 good looking people who should just be seen together

Feel free to add on but I think I’ve made my point.

The Bromance to end all Bromances!

are you talking slash here? or am i just being smutty??? my buddy on FB would go for that..she’s a bit fan of Alexander almost as much as she is jason… 


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